March Mystery Map Released!

New Mystery Map: “The Ides of March”

What do the green dots represent on the map?

March is upon us, definitively storming in like a lion and hopefully quickly transitioning to lamb-like tendencies. March brings both the good and the bad: snow storms, mid-term exams, Spring Break, and St. Patrick’s Day, to name a few… (readers can decide for themselves which of those are good and which are bad). March is also a month that brings awareness to a variety of groups, issues, and histories, ranging from Irish American Heritage to frozen food to the Red Cross. To liven up your dreary March day, take a look at the maps below and see if you can identify the March-related mystery variable (you may want to do a little internet sleuthing as well), then place your guess using the form at the bottom of the page.

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Stumped? The four maps below show four different ways to visualize spatial patterns in the mystery variable locations.

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Place your guess!

The first person to guess the answer correctly using the form at the bottom of the page earns honor, glory, and a prize!

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