January Mystery Map released!

January Mystery Map: Hear ye, hear ye

Hear ye, hear ye. Far and wide throughout the land we doth announce the first Mystery Map of the good year 2013…

This map is special because it shows a Mystery Variable that is occurring right here on the Smith College campus. What could these enigmatic dots represent? Check out the map below (and click on it for a bigger version!), using landmarks like Paradise Pond, the Quad, and Chapin Lawn to help you navigate the map. Then enter your guess using the form at the bottom of the page.

Special thanks to SAL student intern Camille Dwyer for collecting the data and doing all the behind-the-scenes work to make this map! More about the cool procedures Camille used when we reveal the answer and how the map was made in a few weeks… first we need your guesses!

Click to enlarge the map!


To clarify, we are looking for an overall answer to the question: what general phenomena do these dots represent? The colors and categories of dots are just there to act as hints (or possibly hindrances…).

Ready to make a guess?

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