Meet the Team

Rachel Wright
Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences
Rachel attended the University of Texas for her B.S. and Ph.D.
Favorite Holiday: Halloween
Unpopular Opinion: Pineapple on pizza is delicious.



Louis Schlecker
Masters Student in Biological Sciences ’22
Rosemont College B.A. in Chemistry
Former athlete, formally nerd
Unpopular Opinion: Spring is the worst season of the year







Dominique Kelly, ‘22
AEMES fellow
Environmental Science & Policy
Unpopular Opinion: Spicy Sweet Chili is the best Doritos flavor





Joanne Moseley ‘22
Biological Sciences
Unpopular Opinion: I love rain






Shevaughn Holness ‘23
Biological Sciences, Statistical and Data Sciences
Unpopular Opinion: Shows need to have more than 150+ episodes
Static Shock is one of the GOATS of cartoons




Eyananda Ahmed, ‘24
AEMES fellow
Biological Sciences
Unpopular Opinion: Brownie corner pieces are better than middle pieces
Favorite Holiday: Ramadan


Kadin Kristjansson ‘24
Major: Undeclared with an interest in Chemistry
Favorite candy: Wunderbar (weird Canadian candy)
Really, really loves working with spreadsheets!





Natalie Morgan ‘24
Major Undecided, interested in ~science~
Favorite Candy: Snickers
Unpopular Opinion: the word “musk” is objectively worse than “moist”

Hazel Atwill ’22

Kayla Hendricks ’22

Heather Strickland ’22

Cecilia Liu ’22

Ezra Curtis ’22J

Nicole Cappozzi ’24

Lorelei Ing ’24


Past rWright Lab Members

Emma Kelley ’20
Honors thesis project: Disease Resistance Variance in the Great Star Coral
See Emma’s published paper on the Publications page.

Quinton Celuzza ‘21 @q.celuzza
Honors thesis project: It Takes Two: Symbiont Contributions to the Sea Anemone (Exaiptasia pallida) Stress Response

Giovanna Sabini-Leite ‘21 @giovanna_sylvia
Honors thesis project: Light and Nutrient Stress Elicit Different Responses in Clonal Anemone (Exaiptasia pallida) Lines