Lab Values

In the pursuit of practicing ethical and accurate science, the MIND lab has eight guiding principles that inform our research environment.

Respect & Integrity

  • Respect differences (backgrounds, opinions, and ideas) 
  • Work to understand different perspectives
  • Respect lab spaces, equipment, and each other’s time
  • Be honest (citing sources and communicating when mistakes are made)


  • Be reliable with lab hours 
  • Speak up if you need help or if something isn’t working
  • Be responsive to slack messages or emails
  • Be compassionate and kind with your tone and language
  • Ask clarifying questions
  • Be transparent with your team members


  • Patience with yourself, others, participants, caregivers, parents, community members, etc.
  • Give everyone (and yourself) grace!
  • Work to understand each other and make a point to connect
  • Do what you need to do to take care of yourself

Inclusivity & Openness

  • Understanding what’s foreign to you is familiar to others, and vice versa
  • Acknowledge and welcome different experiences and skill sets
  • Create a comfortable space for people to ask questions
  • Welcome to taking on new tasks or exploring new topics
  • Have an open mind to feedback and revision
  • Invite different perspectives and approaches
  • Make a conscious effort to conduct inclusive and representative recruitment


  • Teach new skills & share resources (including across labs)
  • Work towards a common goal (everyone gets a voice)
  • Collaborate and mentor


  • Debrief at appropriate times with qualified individuals
  • Access materials from the Rosen Lab server outside of the lab using headphones and keeping your screen private 
  • Maintain participant anonymity