Current Lab Members

Annabelle Li she/her Neuroscience 2026

Hi! I’m Annabelle, I’m from the SF Bay Area, and I’m intending to major in neuroscience (and potentially minor in psychology or music). I’m not sure exactly which field I want to go into, but as of now, I’m interested in cognitive and behavioral neuroscience, personality and developmental psychology, and neuroendocrinology. In my free time, I enjoy playing piano and trumpet, taking walks around paradise pond, reading, listening to podcasts, and doing yoga.

Hannah Hafner she/they Neuroscience 2026

Hannah is a neuroscience major and statistical and data sciences minor from Chicago, IL. She is interested in the intersection of computational and cognitive neuroscience, specifically how emotions manifest in the brain and the computational underpinnings of human behavior. Outside of the lab, they love performing in theatre productions on campus, yoga, and reading.

Jackie Altman she/her Neuroscience and Film & Media Studies 2025

Jackie is a current senior at Smith College double majoring in Neuroscience and Film and Media Studies. As a research assistant in the MIND lab, Jackie is writing a protocol for the fNIRS study and learning how to run it, working with the MRI data, learning how to run the cognitive assessments that are a part of the study, and making informational videos about the lab and how the different aspects of it function. In the MIND lab, Jackie is able to pursue her interests in both the structural and societal components of brain development, as well as apply her love and curiosity working and learning about children. Outside of the lab, you can find Jackie cooking in her vegan co-op at Smith, singing in her acapella group Groove, making short films, and roller skating around campus.

Kris Cheaye they/she Neuroscience 2026J

Kris, a third-year Neuroscience major with a minor in Africana Studies, is currently a part of the MIND Lab, where they are developing a tutorial on hair braiding for fNIRS caps to increase accessibility for participants with curly or thicker hair. Their academic goals are driven by a desire to explore the intersection of Neuroscience and the African diaspora, particularly focusing on understanding how systemic challenges impact the neurology of Black individuals compared to other demographics. Beyond their research, Kris also works at the Smith College Botanic Garden and enjoys reading and binge-watching TV shows in their free time.

Ladan Yang Neuroscience and  Statistics 2025

Hi! I major in Neuroscience and Mathematical Statistics. I am really interested in behavioral and computational neuroscience. And I like all kinds of sports. Contact me if you like sports and/or Latin dance!

Lizeth Sepulveda she/her Neuroscience and Psychology 2025

Lizeth is a senior from Chicago studying neuroscience and psychology. She is interested in pursuing a career in developmental neuropsychology and hopes to work with children with developmental disorders in the future. Outside of school, she also enjoys reading and learning how to crochet in her spare time.

Sadie Tschider she/her Neuroscience 2025

I am a sophomore neuroscience major on the pre-med track from the San Francisco Bay Area. My fascination with the intricacies of the human brain and passion for studying mental health and preventative medicine have lead me to my neuroscience major and position in the MIND Lab. In the future, I hope to become a primary care pediatric physician and take what I learn in the MIND lab into my future career! In my free time, I play on the Smith College Lacrosse team and give tours to prospective students as a Gold Key Guide.

Lab Alumni

Lucy Ducharme they/she/he Neuroscience 2024

Lucy is a MIND lab alumni from Cambridge, Massachusetts. They have a wide range of interests, including childhood neurodevelopment, memory, and neurodivergence. They also are a dancer and play drums in a band! They are passionate about finding the intersections between neuroscience and the arts.

Sara Ellis she/her Neuroscience 2024

Sara is a MIND Lab alumni originally from Tucson, Arizona, but now lives in Phoenix, Arizona. She is still deciding what career she wants to pursue, but she is interested in cognitive and computational neuroscience and psychology. Specifically, she is exploring clinical neuropsychology and has developed a passion for neuroimaging techniques (radiology). When Sara is not working, she enjoys exercising, reading books, and watching Neuroscience TedTalks.