Open Data in Biological Rhythms

We searched for datasets that allowed students to ask new questions.  Thus, this list is curated to datasets that might support new student-directed research, not simply data supporting a figure for a published paper.

We found some fun datasets by searching on google dataset search,  open science framework, 

They are:

The Costs of Sleeping In

Effects of Light at Night on Reproduction

Natural Light Exposure, Sleep and Depression

Social jetlag, food consumption, and meal times

Effects of circadian clock disruption on SCN and peripheral tissues

Effects of feeding rhythms on mouse liver

Impacts of “supermoons” on physiology of wild geese

You might also find good sources of open data here for your circadian questions:

Site for open data on circadian studies of plants


CircaDB – Circadian Gene Expression Data Base

Rethomics, a package for high-throughput behaviour analysis in R