The GRL Team

Dr. Eric McCurdy has been studying gender since 2015. His work can be been found in publications such as the Journal of Counseling Psychology, Health Psychology, and The Handbook for Sexuality Related Measures



“I’m interested in learning about how issues like benevolent sexism can be attributed to society’s definition of gender and gender roles, and how these implications might differ if we took a more intersectional approach and made use of data centered around and/or collected from marginalized communities.”



“My focus of research is on how gender and socioeconomic factors affect the minority population’s mental health. Joining the Gender Research Lab offers me a platform to examine the various ways that gender intersects with psychological sciences, and probe into the ideologies that men and women hold behind social phenomena.”



“I am looking forward to learning and gaining more information and data on mansplaining, and to seeing how these patriarchal behaviors become normalized and transformed into gender norms to maintain social systems. I believe that working in the Gender Research Lab will allow me to better understand the root causes of social issues and push me to further achieve my goal in social justice!”


Sophia (Phi)

“I chose to work in the GRL because I feel that this is an important time in history to be discussing the nuances of gender. I’ve always had a passion for the psychology of sex and gender, and Smith has supported this lovely space to do important research that will benefit the psychology world as a whole. I feel lucky to be in a space that is highlighting women’s voices to this extent and can’t wait to see what further research this lab produces. ”



“I have always known about the word ‘mansplaining’ but never knew when exactly it can be called mansplaining or why men do it. I’m interested to go in depth to figure out mens intention and their reasoning behind mansplaining. I believe working in the Gender Research Lab will help me in my future to stand up for myself and allow me to help other women as well!”



“My interest in GRL stems into learning what causes harmful patriarchal behaviors in our society. In learning the root of these behaviors, we can teach the next generation how to avoid damaging behaviors and attitudes and promote equality overall. Mansplaining is a persistent and sometimes overlooked issue. I believe examining this will give a window into a variety of other oppressive attitudes that we can work to understand and change.”




“I’m really excited to learn more about gender and society. In particular I’m exciting about learning more about mansplaining and how it has become prevalent in our society and how it is so normalized.”



“I joined GRL because I have a genuine passion for psychology and gender studies. I’m interested in untangling the complexities of how gender identity and societal norms influence us and our communities. By joining GRL, I will be able to contribute to our understanding of gender-related issues. “