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Request for New Projects:

Current Projects: 2014-2015

The project slate for 2014-2015 is currently in development. To propose a project for the 2014-2015 academic year or for the future, please contact us!

Link to Presentation Schedules:
December 11, 2015 Mid-Year Presentations

Table for Current Projects:

Current Projects: 2021-2022

Clean Crop Technologies Design for Gas Exhaust and Recycling in a Food Preservation System
Collins Aerospace Design of a Universal End Effector for Robotic Assembly of Heat Exchanger Cores
Honda Design of a Mobile Platform for Electric Vehicle Extreme Fast Charging Using Green Hydrogen
Mill River Greenway Committee and VHB Design of Public River Access and a Bridge Connecting the Mill River Greenway to Skinnerville Park
Salas O’Brien Design and Feasibility Assessment of a Sewage Heat Exchange System for Smith College
Werfen Design of a Solid Phase Optical Standard that Mimics Human Blood
WSP Design of an Outdoor Learning Space for Girls Inc.
Zipline Design of an Anti-Icing Solution for Zipline’s Unmanned Aircraft


2016-2017 Mid-Year Presentations:

Friday, December 9, 2016
Neilson Browsing Room, Smith College
1:10-4:00 PM

1:10 PM – ACT 1

  • Welcome
  • Stantec: Rezoning Dorchester Avenue Corridor, South Boston, MA
    1. Christine Hamilton, Grace Lee, Samantha Muchongwe, Katie Osterlund
  • Medtronic: Design of a Load vs. Leak Testing System for Medical Devices
      Jingping Nie, Natsai Nyabadza, Lissette Ramirez, Yuting Ren
  • HeartFlow: Design of an Analytics Platform for HeartFlow
    1. Zoe Kendall, Jiaao Lu, Youyou Tian, Amelia Yeoh Jia Min
  • Dresser-Rand, A Siemens Business: Design of a High Pressure Casing Joint for Centrifugal Compressors
    1. Deepal Patel, Angelica Vargas, Alex Widstrand, Ning Zhu


    featuring posters from EGR 100 Sec 01: Sustainable Water Resources

    3:00 PM – ACT 2

  • Northampton Office of Planning and Sustainability: Parklet Design for Northampton
    1. Sarah Duckett, Flora Weil, plus LSS 389 Studio
  • Sterling Rope: Design of a Method to Measure Cut Resistance of Synthetic Fiber Rope
      Cate Eberman, Maureen Leonard, Thuy Nguyen, Xioafan Xu (MHC)
  • Instrumentation Laboratory: Design of a Novel Method of Mixing Clinical Samples for Blood Gas Analysis
      Cassandra Eurich, Beini Hu, Chloe Lee, Nina Merriam
  • Closing

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    September 7, 2022 Design Clinic Starts