2021-2022 Design Celebration

Friday, April 29, 2022
12:15-5:00 PM Eastern

in Person: Campus Center Carroll Room, Smith College
via Webinar: Register in advance

12:15 – 1:15 PM: PRELUDE

Poster presentations from EGR 100 in the Wilson Atrium

1:20 – 2:50 PM: ACT I
  • Welcome
    1. Andrew Guswa, Susannah Howe, Mike Kinsinger, Aaron Rubin
  • Collins Aerospace: Design of a Universal End Effector for Robotic Assembly of Heat Exchanger Cores
    1. Charlotte Kenny, Molly Loughney, Phoebe Uman, Jessica Yoder
  • Clean Crop Technologies: Design for Gas Exhaust and Recycling in a Food Preservation System
    1. Nana Adjoa Ansah, Lilly Farah, Hannah Platter, Ysatis Tagle
  • Salas O’Brien: Design and Feasibility Assessment of a Sewage Heat Exchange System for Smith College
    1. Lanzhao Cheng, Lesly Kemboi, Emma Lesser, Rose Sears
  • WSP: Design of an Outdoor Learning Space for Girls Inc.
    1. Joanna Aguilar, Jaylene Castro-Contreras, Maddie Davis, Sarah Uddin

    2:50 – 3:10 PM: INTERMISSION

    3:10 – 4:30 PM: ACT II
  • Honda: Design of a Mobile Platform for Electric Vehicle Extreme Fast Charging Using Green Hydrogen
    1. Constantina Bauloye, Qingyang Gu, Max Spencer, Lydia Umholtz
  • Werfen: Design of a Solid Phase Optical Standard that Mimics Human Blood
    1. Lily Cho, Hannah Durkee, Yara Faour, Noor Sheikh
  • MRGC and VHB: Design of Public River Access and a Bridge Connecting the Mill River Greenway to Skinnerville Park
    1. Elise Anderson, Madison Coombs, Arielle Dede, Molly Swope
  • Zipline: Design of an Anti-Icing Solution for Zipline‚Äôs Unmanned Aircraft
    1. Kirsten Appell, Kalyani Weiss, Harriet Wright, Sophia Yates
  • Closing Remarks / Class Photo

  • 4:30 – 5:00 PM: RECEPTION