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Supplementary materials on vision

Revised March 23, 2013


Video of Hubel & Wiesel's experiments recording from visual cortex

Random-dot motion stimuli from the Newsome lab at Stanford

Spatial frequency gratings at different frequencies and contrasts (USD) -- scroll down to "Exploratory Demonstration"

Animation of flicker stimuli (Fig. 2 from Kiper et al, 1996)

Project LITE, Boston University's online demonstrations of visual phenomena.


Hubel and Wiesel's autobiographical essay (Neuron 20: 401-412, 1998) [Smith campus only.]

Paper on ocular dominance columns and orientation pinwheels. [Crair et al. (1997) J Neurophysiology 77: 3381-3385.] See Figure 2. [Smith campus only.]

Class handout on spatial frequency (PDF format)

Class handout on color vision (PDF format)

Writing assignment and links to readings on "Top-Down Components of Visual Processing" (2008)


D. C. Kiper, K. R. Gegenfurtner and J. A. Movshon (1996) Cortical oscillatory responses do not affect visual segmentation. Vision Research 36: 539-544.

Animation of figure 2 (flicker stimuli)

Shadlen & Movshon (1999) Synchrony unbound: a critical evaluation of the temporal binding hypothesis. Neuron 24: 67-77.

Writing assignment on the visual binding problem (2006).


Download MacRetina 2.2     Macintosh version only. Requires Mac Classic or OS 9. Download requires free Stuffit Expander.
NOTE: This version will not print the receptive field maps under OS X running Mac Classic. A workaround is to use screen capture to copy the maps individually.

MacRetina assignment

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