Frontal serial sections through an abdominal ganglion. Brian Mulloney and Wendy Hall, University of California, Davis.

Pause the movie and drag the control button to study individual frames.

The sections move up from the ventral surface to the dorsal surface of the ganglion. Anterior is at the top of the image.


Cell bodies of neurons near the ventral surface (first few sections).

First and second roots (N1, N2) exiting on the left and right sides.

Commissures (DC1-DC7, AVC, etc) crossing the ganglion from left to right.

Tracts of axons (VLT, DLT, etc) running from anterior (top) to posterior (bottom). The lateral and medial giants (LG and MG) appear in the last few sections, near the dorsal surface.

Lateral neuropil (LN) where swimmeret motoneurons make synaptic connections.