Structure of Potassium Channels


Tetramer, 2 or 6 transmembrane segments


Streptomyces KcsA channel structure (QuickTime, 12 MB)

Path of K+ ions through channel (QuickTime, 2.4 MB)

Another view of K+ ions in the channel (QuickTime, 2.2 MB).

Close-up of K+ ions in the selectivity filter (Flash, 100 KB)

KcsA channel, aequeous interior


Shaker Kv1.2 channel structure (Long, Campbell & MacKinnon, 2005)

TM, T1 & Beta domains
(Long, Campbell & MacKinnon, 2005)

K channel with lipids
(Long et al, 2007)

3 models for S4 movements: helical screw, helical twist, and paddle (Elinder et al, 2007)

Channel gating: top view, showing S4 helix in blue and S6 in red (Nature, 2007)

Channel gating, side view
(Long et al, 2005)

Handout showing still figures of K-channel structures (PDF format, 16.9 MB).
Web-friendly composite of videos. (QuickTime, 16.8 MB)

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