This Is the Supplemental Website for the Smith College Neuroscience Program.

Main Neuroscience Website

The MAIN WEBSITE provides lists of courses, major and minor requirements, research opportunities, links to neuroscience faculty, and other information about Smith's Neuroscience Program.

This supplemental site has links to open courseware sites and syllabuses for selected neuroscience courses.

An UPDATED SCHEDULE for the 2020-21 academic year shows which courses will be taught remotely, and which will have multimodal live and remote components.

Links to selected neuroscience courses:

NSC 125 Sensation and Perception
NSC/PSY 130 Clinical Neuroscience
NSC 210 Fundamentals of Neuroscience
NSC 230 Experimental Methods in Neuroscience
NSC 312 Seminar in General Anesthesia
NSC 313 Seminar in Organismal Neuroscience
NSC 314 Neuroendocrinology
NSC 318 Systems Neurobiology
NSC 316 Neuroscience in the Public Eye
NSC 324 Research in Behavioral Neuroscience
NSC 328 Research in Systems Neurobiology
BIO 132 Cells, Physiology and Development
BIO 200 Animal Physiology
BIO 202 Cell Biology
BIO 230 Genomes and Genetic Analysis
BIO 300 Neurophysiology
BIO 302 Developmental Biology
BIO 303 Research in Developmental Biology
BIO 310 Cell and Molecular Neuroscience
BIO 323 Topics in Developmental Biology
BIO 330 Research in Cellular Neurophysiology
BIO 362 Animal Behavior
BIO 363 Research in Animal Behavior
PSY 120 Human Cognition
PSY 227 Brain, Behavior, and Emotion
PSY 230 Psychopharmacology
PSY 314 Seminar in Foundations of Behavior
PSY 320 Research in Biological Rhythms
PSY 326 Seminar in Biopsychology: Behavioral Epigenetics
PSY 327 Seminar in Mind and Brain: Alzheimer's Disease