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Computer Science

About the Department

Computer Science, founded as an independent department in 1988, prepares students to lead in a world experiencing sweeping technological change. Students choosing to major in computer science can look forward to a career in one of the many fields to which computer technology has become vital, including the sciences, arts and entertainment, banking and commerce, and of course the communication and computer industries themselves. Check our listing of recent job postings for examples of companies looking to hire our graduates.

For non-majors, we offer courses demystifying the inner workings of computers and the Internet. About thirty students a year take our course in interactive web design, providing them with bankable skills on the job market. For those interested in exploring a little bit further, we invite you to check out our courses on beginning programming, computer graphics, and artificial intelligence.

Computing and the Arts

Artistic applications of computing are a growing initiative in the department. In recent years we have added new minors in digital arts and digital music. Visiting faculty and active interdisciplinary ties with related departments make this an exciting and vibrant area.

Student Involvement

Computer Science students are very active in the department. Three liaisons attend department faculty meetings, and run monthly social gatherings such as movie night and game night. A student-led club organizes career-oriented training and offers community outreach via a local chapter of Girls Who Code. Many students work as teaching assistants, running help sessions, grading, and aiding students during teaching labs. Many students also do research as special studies, as research grant assistants, or as honors theses. Most faculty have summer research projects available for motivated and interested students. For more information, contact a faculty member as early as January of the spring semester.


Computer Science enjoys the use of several dedicated classrooms and research facilities in Ford Hall. Installed machines include multiple-boot workstations as well as dedicated computing clusters. Our student lounge provides comfortable furniture, toys, and refrigeration for students looking for a break from their work. Students and faculty members pursue interdisciplinary research and class work using digital circuits and microprocessor kits; Lego robot arms; robot dogs, and mobile platforms; plus sensor modules, synthesizers, keyboards, for digital sound and music. The Center for Design and Fabrication offers 3-D printers, a laser scanners, laser and water-jet cutters, among other tools for rapid prototyping.



The Computer Science Department is a member of the Academic Alliance of the National Center for Women in Information Technology (NCWIT).


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