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Marc Anderson

Instrument and Techniques Instructor
CABR, Smith College
Office: SR116
Phone: (413)585-3901
Fax: (413)585-3786

BS Chemistry University of Kansas 1996
PhD Chemistry (Analytical) University of Kansas 2001

Professional History and Interests:
A native Kansan, Dr. Anderson worked for over twenty years in engineering radar systems in California and avionics in Kansas before an early midlife crisis drove him to return to school and study chemistry. Marc received his doctorate in Chemistry from the University of Kansas in 2001, specializing in electrochemistry and fluid systems under the guidance of Prof. Theodore Kuwana. In 2000, Marc joined with a small team forming a Silicon Valley start-up designing advanced and unattended analytical instrumentation for the semiconductor industry. In 2004 he returned to the University of Kansas as a Director of laboratories with responsibility over the Instructional Instrumentation Laboratory. In 2010, Marc accepted the position of CABR, I & T Instructor at Smith giving both Geosciences and New England a try for the first time. He continues his earlier association in problem based learning in chemistry by developing laboratory curricular materials that incorporate multiple approaches to the identification and solution of chemical - now geochemical - problems. In addition, Marc continues to maintain his interest in developing automated and unattended analytical instrumentation, motivated by the unusual belief that inventing oneself out of a job is a worthwhile goal. Other related interests include architectural design of research laboratory facilities and environmental engineering focusing on water and wastewater treatment. (Although how those two are related is a mystery to us.)

Representative Publications:
  • Analysis of Semiconductor Copper Plating Bath Chemistry using In Process Mass Spectrometry, Marc R. Anderson, Michael West, and James Tappen, U.S. Patent Application US2006012028A1, June 15, 2006.

  • Automated In-Process Ratio Mass Spectrometry, Howard M. Kingston, Marc R. Anderson, Ye Han, U.S. Patent Application US20060097144A1, May 11, 2006

  • Direct Measurement of Copper Electrochemical Deposition Process Chemistry as a Function of Bath Life, Michael J. West, Marc R. Anderson, Qin Wang, Thomas H. Bailey, IEEE/SEMI Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference 492 – 497, 2004.

  • A Method and Apparatus for In-process, Automated Analysis and Characterization of Chemical Constituents of Process Solutions, Marc R. Anderson, Michael West, Larry Stewart, Howard M. Kingston, U.S. Patent Application US2003006680 April 3, 2003, WO2003076905A1 issued October 18, 2003.

  • Method and Instrument for Automated Analysis of Fluid Based Processing Systems, Marc R. Anderson, Larry Stewart, Howard M. Kingston, U.S. Patent US20030013199A1, issued Jan 16, 2003, WO2003006946A2 issued January 23, 2003.

  • Instrumental Analysis at the University of Kansas: An Experiment in Problem-Based Learning, George S. Wilson, Marc R. Anderson, Craig E. Lunte, Anal. Chem. (1999) 71, 677A – 681A.