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Our Instrument Room

The CABR instrument room houses the CABR core instruments that were obtained with funding from the NSF, Howard Hughes Medical Foundation and through Smith Geosciences, Chemistry, Engineering, and the Environmental Science departments.  Core instrument capability include: 

  • A Dionex - ICS 3000 Ion Chromatograph with Thermo Mass Selective Detector, Variable Wavelength Detector, and dual Conductivity Detectors.  The ICS-3000 can be configured for simultaneous anion and cation measurement, or for semi - or non volatile organics when configured as a High Performance Liquid Chromatography system.
  • A Teledyne Leeman Labs - Prodigy Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometer for rapid inorganic analysis in aqueous samples down to trace level concentrations.
  • A Picarro - L1102-i Liquid Water Isotope Analyzer for precision stabile isotope ratio measurement for climate and hydrologic mapping.
  • A Perkin Elmer - AAnalyst 600 Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometer for elemental analysis at very low concentrations in a variety of environmental matrixes.
  • An Agilent 7890/5975 Gas Chromatograph with Mass Selective Detector and 7697 Headspace analyzer for analysis of volatile and semi-volatile organics in aqueous samples.  This instrument may also be used with a CDS Thermal Desorption Analyzer for analysis of volatile and semi-volatile organics in the atmosphere.
  • A Shimadzu - TOC5000 Total Organic Carbon analyzer for the analysis of inorganic and total organic carbon in water.
  • A Leeman Labs Hydra C Mercury Analyzer for the analysis of total mercury in solid samples, such as soils, sediments, and biological samples.
  • A Leeman Labs Hydra AF Gold Mercury Analyzer for the analysis of total mercury in aqueous samples down to sub part-per-trillion concentrations.

In addition to the core instrumentation (above) this room contains a Man-Tech - Auto Titrator, two SPEC 21 spectrophotometers, one type III water polisher, and one exhaust hood.  The cabinet in the southwest corner contains the CABR consumable chemicals storage for the mercury analyzers.  Organic Solvents are stored in the cabinet under the exhaust hood and a mid-sized refrigerator is provided for storage of users calibration standards. Instrument operator manuals for all instruments are located on the western facing shelves in the far bench - please do not remove these manuals from the room.