EGR 390: Material Science

EGR 390: Advanced Topics in Engineering – Material Science
Term: Spring 2017
Instructor: Michael Kinsinger

Description of course:  Periods in human history (e.g., Stone Age, Bronze Age, Silicon Age) have been defined by advancements in new materials. Discoveries in Material Science have lead the way to new technologies in every engineering discipline and continue to be at the forefront of developing fields such as biomaterials and nanotechnology. This course provides a broad introduction into the world of material science with a special emphasis on the relationship between the interrelationship between the composition, processing, structure, and properties of metals, ceramics, polymers and composites. Prerequisites: EGR 270 and CHM 111.

  • #1

Scanning Electron Micrographs (#1-4) and Back-Scattered Image (#5) of various materials.

#1: SEM of the fracture plane edge of a conventional (petroleum-based) plastic fork. Sample prepared by Tinli, Eleanor, Fereshta, and Zoe.

#2: SEM of a penny from 1995. Sample prepared by Cate, Christine, Beini, and Thuy.

#3: SEM of conditioned hair. Sample prepared by Natsai, Jenny, Anna, and Alysha.

#4: SEM of a fractured surface of pelvic girdle bone from most likely a seagull. Sample prepared by Emily, Susanna, Alyssa, and Sarah.

#5: Back-scattered image of a penny from 1995. Image taken by Thuy.