CHM 336: Light and Chemistry (S’16)

CHM 336: Light and Chemistry
Term: Spring 2016
Instructors: Kate Queeney, Mona Kulp

Course description:  The interaction of light with molecules is central to studies of molecular structure and reactivity. This course builds on students’ understanding of molecular structure from the core sequence (CHM 111–224) to show how many types of light can be used to interrogate molecules and to shed some light on their behavior. The combined classroom/laboratory format allows students to explore light-based instruments in short, in-class exercises as well as in longer, more traditional labs. The course culminates with an independent project that allows students to explore some of the ways light is used in cutting edge chemical research.

  • #1

Transmission Electron Micrographs of gold nanoparticles.

#1-5: prepared by Leigh Tanji (SC ’18), Ivana Lin (SC ’18J) and Tianyi Zhang (MHC) in the Spring of 2016.