BIO 205: Microbiology

BIO 205: Microbiology Laboratory
Term: Spring 2016
Instructors: Christine White-Ziegler, Jan (prefer: Chris) Vriezen

Description of course:  Experiments in this course explore the morphology, physiology, biochemistry and genetics of bacteria using a variety of bacterial genera. Methods of aseptic technique; isolation, identification and growth of bacteria are learned. An individual project is completed at the end of the term. BIO 204 must be taken concurrently.

Description of BIO 204:  This course examines bacterial morphology, growth, biochemistry, genetics and methods of controlling bacterial activities. Emphasis is on bacterial physiology and the role of the prokaryotes in their natural habitats. The course also covers viral life cycles and diseases caused by viruses. Prerequisites: BIO 150 and CHM 111 or equivalent advanced placement courses. Laboratory (BIO 205) must be taken concurrently.
Instructor: Christine White-Ziegler

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Transmission Electron Micrograph of Bacteria, Negatively Stained with PTA.