Scanning Electron Microscopy Gallery

Colorized SEM images of Benthic foraminifera from Shark bay, Western Australia. By Dan Wood (Geosciences ’19).
Freshwater ciliate. Single celled microbial eukaryote covered by hair-like organelles called cilia used for movement and gathering of food.
Radiolarians are single celled microbial eukaryotes and their skeleton is usually made of silica. Spines project from the spherical surface and seem to connect to a smaller sphere inside.
Colorized SEM image of an R. catawbiense root cross-sec-
tion with ericoid hyphal coils visible inside the epidermal cells, from
a mesocosm inoculated with R. maximum (novel) soil, with roots
colored brown and fungal hyphae colored green. By Taz Mueller (Biological Sciences ’18).
SEM image of Halteria, a freshwater ciliate found in many fresh water ecosystems. Little jumpy movements are characteristic for Halteria, a strategy possibly evolved to defend itself against predators.