EGR 376: Material Science and Engineering

EGR 376: Material Science and Engineering Lecture

Term: Spring 2022

Instructor: Mike Kinsinger

Description of course: Periods in human history have been defined by advancements in new materials. Discoveries in Materials Science have lead the way to new technologies in every engineering discipline and continue to be at the forefront of developing fields such as biomaterials and nanotechnology. This course will provide a broad introduction into the world of Materials Science with a special emphasis on the relationship between the composition, processing, structure, and properties of metals, ceramics, polymers, and composites. Prerequisites: EGR 270 and EGR 290.

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Scanning Electron Micrographs (#1-6) and a Transmission Electron Micrograph (#7) of various materials.

#1: SEM of corroded aluminum. Sample prepared by Rachael, Maya and Sarah.

#2: SEM of horse hair of a violin’s bow treated with Rosin, a chemical applied to an instrument’s bow to aid in creating friction between the bow hairs and strings. Sample prepared by Achillea, Caroline and Catrin.

#3: SEM of plastic microspheres. Sample prepared by Piper and Noor.

#5: SEM of the top coat of NeverWet, a liquid repelling treatment that creates a hydrophobic coating. Sample prepared by Kirsten, Phoebe and Kalyani.

#4: SEM of a superhydrophobic leaf surface of Colocasia esculenta (Taro). Sample prepared by Kat, Sophia and Hannah.

#6: SEM of a pulled piano wire composed of iron (Fe) with carbon (C) inclusions. Sample has been stretched until it broke. Sample prepared by Lanzhao, Qingyang, Joanna and Jaylene.

#7: TEM of gold nanoparticles synthesized by Robin, Emily and Joyce.