Ford 36 500 MHz NMR

Ford 036 500 MHz NMR

Both NMRs at Smith require an application for an account, and some training. To start the process, download the NMR Account Application Form and fill it out, have it signed by your advisor, and send it to The additional materials should also be downloaded and studied to prepare for your training. When you receive an email indicating your accounts are created, come to Ford 316 to get your user name and password, at which time, you will be expected to attend a safety lecture. Formal or informal training will then proceed as needed.

The files below are for existing NMR users:

The Bruker 500 MHz AVANCE II is our best NMR and has 4 probes. We use a Google Calendar to schedule access and while you can use this button to view it, only members of the nmr_users group and edit it to reserve time- email camass@smith for details and include the NMR Application with your advisors approval by email.

Sometimes smoke gets in your eyes when you think about our NMR, Helga.

Actually that is moisture condensing out during a liquid nitrogen fill.

Below is a View Only 500 MHz NMR Scheduler- You can not edit this but can look around. For a version you can add a reservation to write to