Smith College Chemistry Instrumentation

We hope this site will help you find the instruments you need and help you to use them successfully in your career at Smith. 

How to Wander:

The main organizing principle is the room and within it the instruments it contains. Next to each instrument you will find information about how to get access to the instrument and some training materials to prepare you for using it. We also have information on lab safety and scheduling.

Note that there are many levels to instruments at Smith. This site is mostly department instruments, with a few faculty pieces that reside in department spaces. There are also other faculty equipment in their research labs, such as a glove box and freeze drier, and faculty instruments lodged in other department spaces such as an HPLC in Biology, then other departments shared spaces such as CABRA- Geology, Biology and Chemistry, and other department’s instrument spaces. There is no complete list other than the Science Center Inventory, so if you need a Scanning Electron Microscope, X-ray equipment or a zebra fish, ask camass@smith.edu, as the protocols for requesting access vary.

Scheduling is handled through a series of Google Calendars and while you may look at them here, you need to be a member of a group to add a reservation. Contact camass@smith.edu . We do not use the Science Center Reservation system! Do not try to reserve space for chemistry equipment there.