VersaLaser Cutter

Note: only staff who have been properly trained to use this machine are allowed to operate it. If you need a job done by the VersaLaser, please contact the CDF.

Need something cut out?

Contact Eric Jensen . You can follow the directions below to either create an Autocad file or SolidWorks drawing in the proper format for cutting on the versalaser.


The VersaLaser can transform images or drawings on your computer screen into real items made out of a variety of materials –wood, plastic, fabric, glass, leather, stone, ceramic, rubber. The VersaLaser is operated in a similar manner to the familiar desktop printer in that you print a drawing or image to the VersaLaser. The VersaLaser driver then takes over and asks you to specify the material you are using and its thickness. Place your material on the VersaLaser table and press start. It’s as simple as that. The VersaLaser will engrave or cut the material depending on the colour you drew the image in. You can raster engrave, vector engrave and vector cut in a single file if you wish.

Some Useful Docs

Solidworks and versalaser (word doc)
Autocad Tutorial (word doc)
Adobe Illustrator and versalaser (word doc)
VersaLaser Operation (.pdf document)
VersaLaser Quick Start (.pdf document)

Engraving and cutting examples in paper, wood, acrylic


  • Exposure to laser beam can cause physical burns and severe eye damage, so don’t open the hood while the laser is operating!
  • Always attend the laser while cutting.
  • Only use wood, paper, or plexiglass (no lexan!) No PVC type plastics.
  • If a fire occurs, use the class B fire extinguisher located to the left of the unit.