Hammer-Screwdriver Project

All students in EGR100 build this project. Our goal is to get students accustomed to some of the capabilites of the CDF and also to learn basic print reading and measuring skills. The hammer-screwdriver will take up to about 15 hours of student effort. Students self schedule their time with the staff in the CDF.

EGR100 specific scheduling rules:

  • Appointmnets follow the academic class schedule: MWF 9:00 10:00 11:00 1:10 2:40 and T,TH 9:00 10:30 1:00 3:00 with up to four students per class slot.
  • Do not make more than three appointments in one week.
  • If you must cancel an appointment, do so 24 hours in advance so others can use your timeslot.
  • Two missed appointments will disqualify you for further work on the project. Do not miss your appointment!

We are using a shared google spreadsheet for scheduling. A new weekly sheet will be posted here each friday. Use the Schedule link at the top of the navigation bar.

Solidworks Drawings



version 3

Solidworks Drawings