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CDF Safety Policy

The CDF contains many potentially hazardous tools. Proper supervision and training are essential to keep staff, students and faculty safe. It is important that all users of the CDF obey and follow our safety training rules. What follows are the two most basic rules you must follow to use our facility.

  • ALL users must attend a safety training session before they can do any work in the CDF. CDF staff maintain a list of trained users. Speak to any CDF staff member to schedule training.
  • ALL users of the CDF must be supervised by a CDF staff member. This includes faculty and staff.


CDF User Policies

  • Wear safety glasses at all times.

  • Restrain hair. Use elastic band or a hat to tie hair up tight.

  • Wear appropriate clothing. No open toed shoes, shorts or loose clothing.

  • Remove all jewelry on hands including rings and loose bracelets.

  • Wear hearing and respiratory protection as required.

  • No cell phones or personal listening devices.

  • Wearing of gloves when working on moving machinery is prohibited, with the exception of handheld grinders and sanders.

  • Unauthorized operation of machinery is prohibited.

  • Do not leave machinery running unattended.

  • No food is allowed. Covered drinks are.

  • If at any time you are unsure of what you are doing, stop immediately and ask for help.