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IDP250J - Applied Design and Prototyping - Jterm 2019


Tues, Jan 15 - Fri, Jan 18 9 AM - 4 PM each day Location:  Bass 102/CDF

Instructor Eric Jensen and Susannah Howe
Credits 1 credit, S/U only
Enrollment Cap 12


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Overview: This is a one credit class offered during the last week of Jterm. It is the third in a suite of hands-on classes that begin with IDP150 AutoCad during week one, followed by IDP151 Solidworks in week two. You must have taken either one of these CAD classes at some point before you can take IDP250.

This is an exciting class where we apply what we've learned in AutoCad or Solidworks, combine that with some design training, and build your own prototype!

The Smith Alumnae Quarterly wrote about us - Read it here!

Some comments from our first years class...

"This class was a ton of fun! I wish there were more like this offered!"
"It was the best credit I've earned at Smith."
"It is a great course to use all the CAD skills - hands on and practical"

Ok so what's it all about? Let's look at the current project - a heat engine.


It's got a lot of parts, so let's take one apart and model it.

Measure up some parts, and draw up a plan to make them...

Go make them!

Put it together.



Contact Prof. Susannah Howe or Eric Jensen if you're interested in IDP250.