Faculty and staff personally owned machines

  • Follow the directions below to download software from Wolfram and request the appropriate activation key.
  • Note: You should be using the License Number starting with 2990.
  1. Create an account (New users only):
    1. Go to user.wolfram.com and click “Create Account”
    2. Fill out form using a @smith.edu email, and click “Create Wolfram ID”
    3. Check your email and click the link to validate your Wolfram ID
  2. Request the download and key:
    1. Fill out this form to request an Activation Key
    2. Click the “Product Summary page” link to access your license
    3. Click “Get Downloads” and select “Download” next to your platform
    4. Run the installer on your machine, and enter Activation Key at prompt
    5. Fill out this form to request a home-use license from Wolfram.


Faculty and Staff office Macintosh machines

  1. On your computer, navigate to the Applications folder and run the application called “Smith College Self Service.app”  If your machine does not have the “Self Service” app then visit https://jamf.smith.edu:8443/enroll/
  2. Once in Self Service choose “Science Software” in the left-hand column
  3. Click on the install button for Mathematica