About Us

The Center for Aqueous Biogeochemical Research (CABR) at Smith College is an interdepartmental research center equipped to study the chemistry of geological and biological actions upon the hydrosphere.  The CABR mission is to support education and research at Smith College and other Five College institutions.  The CABR is located on the first floor of Sabin-Reed and offers researchers access to state-of-the-art instrumentation, specialized laboratory space, and technical support provided by a full time staff scientist.  Students learning in the CABR facility have the opportunity to conduct an inquiry through all stages of scientific investigation by receiving instruction on field collection and preparation of aqueous samples for analysis, instrumental techniques, method development, analytical measurement, and data analysis.  Our educational principle follows the adage “we learn best by doing,” and our goal is to provide students the hands-on experience valued by graduate programs and prized by industry.

CABR Personel:

Elizabeth Jamieson, Associate Professor of Chemistry and CABR Director

Robert Newton, Professor and Chair of Geosciences

Amy Rhodes, Associate Professor of Geosciences

Marc Anderson, Instrument and Techniques Instructor