How To’s

I. How to create a blog post

Navigate to the Dashboard. Do this by hovering over the Astronomy 214: Astronomy and Public Policy tab in the black toolbar at the top of the page and choose Dashboard in the pull-down menu.  If you don’t see that black toolbar, you need to login to WordPress first.

If this is your first entry to your blog, do this:

  1. Click on Posts> Add New (at the top of the black menu bar on the right). 
  2. You are now in the editing window. Enter the title<YOUR NAME>’s Blog” in the box at the very top of the page, and then enter your content (text, images…) into the main box.
  3. There is a toolbar for formatting text. If you are unfamiliar with any of the tools, just hover over them, and their function will appear.
  4. You can insert photos at the location of the cursor by clicking the Add Media button, which will bring up a new window.
    • Click the Upload Image tab, and follow the directions to upload an image from your computer.
    • After it is uploaded, select image size in the menu on the far right.  Medium is typically a good choice.  Then click insert and it will appear at the location of the cursor in your post.
    • When the image appears in your post, click on it to select whether you want it aligned left, right, or center or to delete it and try again.
  5. When you’re finished editing your post, go to the right-hand Categories menu and click on the box by your name (already entered as a category). This ensures your post will end up in your blog and not in some random location.
  6. Click the blue Publish button on the right when you’re done. You are now the author and no one else can edit your blog (except James and Meg).
  7. If you want to see how things look before you publish Preview your post. When you are satisfied, then Publish. Clicking Save Draft frequently is a good idea if you have an unreliable internet connection. 
  8. The first time you make an entry your listing will appear under Categories but not under Blogs. Meg or James has to officially add your entry to the blog menu. If it doesn’t happen within 24 hours please send us an email!

If this is not your first entry, then navigate to Posts > All Posts. A list of everyone’s post will show up in order of last entry. You can reorder by author if you click the Category column heading and then Filter. Select your blog and click on Edit. After editing, you will see a blue Update button, rather than the Publish button, on the right. Click Update when you’re done.  After updating, navigate back to the main page with the Astronomy 214: Astronomy and Public Policy button in the top toolbar and make sure the changes appear in your blog.