Science Policy Blogs

This is the new Science Policy Blog site for Astronomy 214: Astronomy and Public Policy.  It was launched at the restart of the Spring 2020 semester following the closure of the Smith College campus due to the CORVID19 pandemic.  

Each of you will create and post a blog (weblog), to be shared only internally with the class. The default topic will be the same as your short final science video, but please let me (James) know if you have another idea to propose.  COVID19 and related policy is fair game!

Please aim to make at least 5 blog posts before the end of the semester, May 1.  Each post should ideally include at least 3 paragraphs of text; at least one photo, chart, figure, or other graphic; and at least one link to an outside source or webpage.

What is the science / policy issue you are investigating?  Why is it important?  Why is it interesting to you?  What sources of information do you trust, and what makes you trust them?  How is science being brought into policy-making, if at all?  What voices are left out?