Linear Algebra Haiku Project
Spring 2005 Smith College

The Linear Analysis Haiku Project (LAHP) is an initiative to gather haikus about or relating to linear algebra. A haiku consists of three lines. The first and third lines must have 5 syllables each; the second line must have seven. We have dropped the requirement that a season of the year be mentioned. A selection will be published on this web page.

The spring 2005 Smith College MTH211 class has provided some examples:

A projection known,
but not a vector. I must
find my dimension.

The standard basis
So useful to define space!
It makes me go EEEE!

Need help with matrix
Reduced row echelon form
Thank god for matlab.

Must find a solution just
use the big theorem!

Oh identity,
How I need you to find my
mysterious inverse!

Any pair of friends
if a combination true
depend on other.

My favorite matrix
Is 1 0 0 1
the identity

Null space, vector space
Finding the determinant
Brings me such great joy.

Section 3.8
and concrete applications
homework takes awhile

Codes and check digits
Detecting digit switches
I am Sherlock Holmes.

Calculus is nice
Linear algebra is
even better, man.

Magical numbers
all bound into a matrix
transpose and inverse

Upper and lower
Combined forming a matrix
thats invertible.

its reducing rows
to solve equations with lots
of applications.

Null space makes zero
from an m by n matrix
by multiplying

Vectors tell me please
for if you are dependent
you dont span R^3.

Detecting odd errors?
Well riddle me this Matlab
Find me all errors!

Obedient I
Inverse transpose does not change
Wonderful matrix.

Four friendly vectors
Linear independent
Basis for R^4

Look! Zeroes and one,
Identity matrices.
Let us go make friends.

Headache from numbers
Too many matrix problems
Time for a tea break.

if Theorem is true
Prove it generally, if false
use an example.

The rules that apply
To matrices can be so
Abstract but brilliant

Prove many theorems
Generally and examples
is it true or false?

Answer a question
O elusive matrices
Why cant I solve you?

7 by 7?
How messy this matrix is!
Let us use Matlab.

Matrix, vector and
Determinants oh my! Fun-
filled mornings with Nick.

Matrices galore
The big theorem on my mind,
Are you my inverse?

An n by n square
transpose balanced by inverse
Orthogonal? Check!

It is late at night.
I dream of large matrices.
Math takes me over.

Binary numbers
In identity matrix
The ideal matrix.

Null space and subspace
Matrices are everywhere
I dream about it!

Nicholas Horton
Last updated April 14, 2005, using vi.