Julianna Tymoczko

Associate Professor of Mathematics
Burton Hall 314
(413) 585–3775

Email: jtymoczko AT smith dot edu

Julianna Tymoczko: algebraic and combinatorial geometer

Math 300: Dialogues in Mathematics

Course meets:

Office hours: Monday 1-3pm, Wednesday 1-3pm, Thursday 3-4pm, and by appointment.

Course description: This course discusses the culture of mathematics and mathematicians. Specific topics include: reading, writing, and speaking math; managing stress and the imposter syndrome; career trajectories in different professions; gender and math/science; learning styles; time management and work/life balance in stressful situations; saying no; and practical tips about graduate school (often applicable to other professional situations).

Prerequisites: Permission of the instructor.

Course readings: Small weekly readings will be posted on Moodle.