Julianna Tymoczko

Associate Professor of Mathematics
Burton Hall 314
(413) 585–3775

Email: jtymoczko AT smith dot edu

Julianna Tymoczko: algebraic and combinatorial geometer

Math 233: An Introduction to Modern Algebra

Course meets: MWF 1:10-2:30pm in Burton 101.

Office hours: Monday 1-3pm, Wednesday 1-3pm, Thursday 3-4pm, and by appointment.

Course description: (From the course catalog) "An introduction to the concepts of abstract algebra, including groups, quotient groups, and, if time allows, rings, and fields."

Prerequisites: Math 153 and Math 211, or permission of the instructor.

Course readings: The official text for the course is Gallian's Contemporary Abstract Algebra (you can use edition 4 or later; we will cover roughly parts 1-3). I will also post additional lecture notes on the course webpage. Some people find Rotman's A First Course in Abstract Algebra with Applications useful; you can buy old editions online.