Julianna Tymoczko

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Burton Hall 314
(413) 585–3775

Email: jtymoczko AT smith dot edu

Julianna Tymoczko: algebraic and combinatorial geometer

Math 212: Calculus III

Course meets:

Office hours: Monday 1-3pm, Wednesday 1-3pm, Thursday 3-4pm, and by appointment.

Elizabeth Drellich's office hours:
Monday 9-9:50am, Tuesday 10:30-11:30am, Friday 11am-noon (all held in McConnell 414)

Course description: (From the course catalog) "Theory and applications of limits, derivatives, and integrals of functions of one, two, and three variables. Curves in two and three dimensional space, vector functions, double and triple integrals, polar, cylindrical, spherical coordinates. Path integration and Greene's Theorem."

Course goals: At the end of the semester, you will be able to:

Prerequisites: Math 112 or 114, or the equivalent, or permission of the instructor. Math 211 is helpful (before or concurrently).

Course readings: The text for the course is Stewart's Calculus (any edition). You can buy either the version with both single- and multivariable calculus or the version with just the multivariable chapters.

Extra help: Everybody needs help sometimes! Aside from office hours, here are some other resources for this course:

Students who need an accommodation for a disability should let me know by email or in person. The Office for Disability Services is an excellent resource if you think you may benefit from an accommodation.