Julianna Tymoczko

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Burton Hall 314
(413) 585–3775

Email: jtymoczko AT smith dot edu

Julianna Tymoczko: algebraic and combinatorial geometer

Math 211: Linear Algebra

Course meets: MWF 10-10:50am in Burton 219.

Office hours: Monday 1-3pm, Wednesday 1-3pm, Thursday 3-4pm, and by appointment.

Course description: (From the course catalog) "Vector spaces, matrices, linear transformations, systems of linear equations. Applications to be selected from differential equations, foundations of physics, geometry, and other topics."

Prerequisites: Math 112 or the equivalent, or Math 111 and Math 153, or permission of the instructor; Math 153 is suggested.

Course readings: The text for the course is Lay's Linear Algebra and its Applications (you can use edition 3 or later; we will cover most of the book).