Alg/Comb/Geom seminar
Spring 2017

     Northampton, MA

Local organizers: Julianna Tymoczko and Tamar Friedmann

General information

The seminar is held in Room 307 of Burton Hall from 4:45-5:45. The campus map shows you Burton Hall; the room itself is in a corner of the third floor near the stairway, overlooking the greenhouse. We typically have a seminar dinner afterwards for all those who are interested.

Directions and Parking

Directions to Smith can be found here. There is a parking garage near the Forbes Library and metered on-street parking on Green Street, as well as a visitor parking lot next to Ainsworth Gymnasium (at the bottom of the hill near the math ddepartment).

Date Speaker and Institution Title and Abstract
2/28 Oliver Pechenik
(Rutgers University)

Decompositions of Grothendieck polynomials
3/9 Ben Schmidt
(Michigan State)
Real projective spaces with all geodesics closed
3/23 Lauren Rose
(Bard College)
A survey of results and current directions in splines
3/30 Aba Mbirika
(University of Wisconsin--Eau Claire)
4/4 Karen Collins
(Wesleyan University)
4/11 TBA
4/18 TBA
4/25 TBA
5/2 TBA