Computational Geometry in C

by Joseph O'Rourke

The following files are available by anonymous ftp from in the directory /pub/compgeom.

Top-level README

Second Edition Code

Code function Chapter pointer C code directory
Triangulate Chapter 1, Code 1.14 /tri
Convex Hull(2D) Chapter 3, Code 3.8 /graham
Convex Hull(3D) Chapter 4, Code 4.8 /chull
sphere.c Chapter 4, Fig. 4.15 /sphere
Delaunay Triang Chapter 5, Code 5.2 /dt
SegSegInt Chapter 7, Code 7.2 /segseg
Point-in-poly Chapter 7, Code 7.13 /inpoly
Point-in-hedron Chapter 7, Code 7.15 /inhedron
Int Conv Poly Chapter 7, Code 7.17 /convconv
Mink Convolve Chapter 8, Code 8.5 /mink
Arm Move Chapter 8, Code 8.7 /arm

Second Edition Errata

Interesting statistic: As of 12 Jul 1999, there were 1332 ftp's of the C code, and 469 ftp's of the Java code: The C code is 2.8 times as popular.

First Edition Code

First Edition Errata

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