This applet illustrates several pieces of code from Computational Geometry in C (Second Edition) by Joseph O'Rourke . The C code in the book has been translated as directly as possible into Java. Both the C code and the Java code are available free, and will be released in July 1998 to coincide with the publication of the Second Edition.

The code illustrated in the applet includes

Area/Centroid Chapter 1, Code 1.5; Exercise 1.6.5
Triangulate Chapter 1, Code 1.14
Convex Hull (2D) Chapter 3, Code 3.8
Delaunay Triangulation Chapter 5, Code 5.2
SegSegInt Chapter 7, Code 7.2
In Poly? Chapter 7, Code 7.13
Inter. 2 Conv. Poly Chapter 7, Code 7.17
Minkowski Convolution Chapter 8, Code 8.5
Arm Move Chapter 8, Code 8.7
Three more pieces of code that are primarily three-dimensional are left as separate Java applications:
Convex Hull (3D) Chapter 4, Code 4.8
sphere.c Chapter 4, Figure 4.15
Point-in-Polyhedron Chapter 7, Code 7.15

The applet has a Help facility, and should be self-explanatory. We have tested the Applet with a variety of browsers (HotJava, Netscape 3, Netscape 4, Explorer) on a number of platforms (SGI, Sun, PC, Mac) and operating systems (Unix, Windows, NT, MacOS 7). The Java code was written by Irena Pashchenko, Octavia Petrovici, Lilla Zollei, and Joseph O'Rourke. Questions and comments to

Last modified June 1, 1998