Shortest Paths Code

Biliana Kaneva and Joseph O'Rourke

Research supported by National Science Foundation grant CCR-9731804. Views expressed are those of the authors, and do not necessarily reflect those of the NSF.

The Paper

Biliana Kaneva and J. O'Rourke, "An Implementation of Chen & Han's Shortest Paths Algorithm"
in Proc. of the 12th Canadian Conference on Computational Geometry, New Brunswick, August 2000, pp. 139-146.
Download postscript file (1.2M) N.B.: a very large file!

Sample Code Output: Images

Flat Terrains (for testing correctness)

Snake Terrains (for testing correctness)

Convex Polytopes (points on Spheres)

Convex Polytopes (points on Ellipsoids)

Nonconvex Terrains (mild)

Nonconvex Terrains (rough)

Cones & Cylinders

Orthogonal Polyhedra
All images Copyright (C) 2000 Biliana Kaneva and Joseph O'Rourke

Code Input & Output Files

The Code

Research supported by NSF grant CCR-9731804.
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