CSC290a: Last Year's Schedule, Fall 1996

(Please note: this is out of date, and should only be used for historical purposes!)
Course Description
Sep  6 F  Intro

Sep  9 M  Tech: LISP
	Sep 10 T:  Video, 7:00-8:00PM, Seelye 106
	Sep 11 W:  Video, 5:00-6:00PM, Seelye 106
Sep 11 W  Tech: LISP
Sep 13 F  Phil: Video

Sep 16 M  Tech: LISP
Sep 18 W  Tech: LISP
Sep 20 F  Phil: Turing

Sep 23 M  Tech: LISP
Sep 25 W  Tech: LISP
Sep 27 F  Phil: Block

Sep 30 M  Tech: Logic
Oct  2 W  Tech: Logic
Oct  4 F  Phil: Searle & Churchlands

Oct  7 M  Tech: Logic
Oct  9 W  Tech: Logic
Oct 11 F  Phil: Tomoczko & Putnam/Penrose

Oct 14 M  [Autumn recess]
Oct 16 W  Tech: Games & Search
Oct 18 F  Phil: Harnad

Oct 21 M  Tech: Games & Search
Oct 23 W  Tech: Genetic Algorithms
Oct 25 F  Phil: Dreyfus

Oct 28 M  Tech: Genetic Algorithms
Oct 30 W  Tech: Genetic Algorithms
Nov  1 F  Phil: Smolensky & BBN replies

Nov  4 M  Tech: Genetic Programming
Nov  6 W  Tech: Genetic Programming
Nov  8 F  Phil: Chalmers

Nov 11 M  Tech: Neural Nets
Nov 13 W  Tech: Neural Nets
Nov 15 F  Phil: Hofstadter

Nov 18 M  Tech: Neural Nets
Nov 20 W  Tech: Neural Nets
Nov 22 F  Tech: Neural Nets

Nov 25 M  Tech: Neural Nets
Nov 27 W  [Thnksg bk]
Nov 29 F  [Thnksg bk]

Dec  2 M  Tech: Complexity Theory
Dec  4 W  Tech: Creativity
Dec  6 F  Tech: Creativity

Dec  9 M  Tech: Beyond
Dec 11 W  Tech: Beyond

Dec 19 T  Projects due (last day of exams)