Southern Star Trails over Atzitzintla  From Sierra Negra, Pue, Mexico Special Mention, 2015 TWAN Photo Contest Star Trails and Fireflies  Northampton, MA Polar Star Trails, Cottonwood Gulch  Thoreau, NM Cottonwood Tree and Star Trails  Hadley, MA
Cottonwood Tree, Star Trails, and International Space Station  Hadley, MA Polar Star Trails, Northapton  Northampton, MA Star Trails over MacLeish Field Station  Whately, MA Star Trails over Nantucket  Nantucket, MA
Polar Star Trails and Pico de Orizaba  From Sierra Negra, Pue., Mexico Polar Star Trails and Appalachian Mountain Club's Highland Center  AMC Highland Center, Crawford Notch, NH Polar Star Trails, Sandstone Cliffs, and Perseid Meteors, Chaco Culture National Historic Monument  Chaco Culture National Historic Park, NM Moonrise over Montréal  Parc Mont Royal, Montréal, Québec Special Mention, 2017 TWAN Photo Contest
Polar Star Trails and Cabin at Hammond Pond  2017 Jul 20