Women In Mathematics In New England

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Smith College

A one-day conference in mathematics and statistics.

Open to all

Click here for a detailed schedule and abstracts.

  • The Alice Dickinson Lecture in Mathematics:

    Linda Chen, Swarthmore College

    "Enumerative Geometry, Combinatorics, and Algebra"


    Enumerative geometry is the art of counting geometric objects that satisfy various conditions. In the 19th century, based on the "principle of conservation of number," Hermann Schubert developed methods to answer certain questions in enumerative geometry. In 1900, Hilbert listed 23 important unsolved problems of the 20th century. The Fifteeth Problem was to understand Schubert’s enumerative calculus. I will discuss enumerative geometry, connections to combinatorics and algebra, and mention modern techniques, recent results, and new directions and problems.

  • The Dorothy Wrinch Lecture in Biomathematics:

    Mariel Vazquez, University of California at Davis

    "DNA Unlinking in Bacterial Cells"


    Chromosomes are long, rod-shaped, DNA molecules that encode the genetic code of an organism. The Escherichia coli genome is encoded in one single circular chromosome. Multiple cellular processes such as replication, recombination, and condensation change the topology of circular DNA. In particular, newly replicated circular chromosomes are topologically linked. Controlling these topological changes is essential to cell survival. The cell uses enzymes to simplify the topology of DNA. Techniques from knot theory and low-dimensional topology, aided by computational tools, now make it possible for us to study the specific action of enzymes involved in these processes.

  • Short talks by students (that means you!) (if you like),
  • Lunch for everyone,
  • A panel discussion on being a graduate student,
  • No registration fee.

The schedule, approximately:

9:30 Coffee, etc.

10:00 Welcome and a plenary talk by Mariel Vazquez

11:00 Short talks

12:00 Lunch

1:00 Panel of graduate students

2:30 More short talks

3:30 Coffee and snacks

4:00 Plenary talk by Linda Chen

5:00 It's all over!

Please register here by 9/10 to let us know you're coming! If you
would like to give a talk, use this same site to tell us the title.

Funding for this conference is provided by
The Center for Women in Mathematics at Smith, NSF grant DMS-1143716,
The Smith College Lecture Committee and
The Smith College Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

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