CSC250 Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science

Spring 13

Mon, Wed 1:10-2:30 Room Ford Hall 241

Judy Franklin

Prereqs: csc111 and math 153 (153 may be taken concurrently),
or permission of instructor (jfrankli at

We study, in brief, models of languages and machines: automata and finite state machines; regular sets and regular languages; push-down automata and context-free languages; computability and Turing machines.

Text: Introduction to Computer Theory, Second Edition

Daniel I. A. Cohen


    1. Come to class all the time.
    2. Read the text and do the homework all the time.
    3. Be curious about models of languages and machines that can recognize them.
    4. Admire Alan Turing:
    5. Be ready to understand the grammar for python

Syllabus: Under Construction!


    1. Homework - 50%
    2. Pattern Matching lab - 10%
      and PM homework
    3. Take-home Exams (mid-term and final) - 25%
    4. Final Project - 15%
      • Team or sole presentation of a paper from the literature on the theory of and applications of the theory of Computation.


  1. Office Hours (355 Ford Hall):
    Fridays: 1:00-2:30
    or by appt. (email
  2. TA: Shannon MacKenzie
  3. Help Session: Sundays 2-4 Ford Hall 342
  4. Links to web pages with final project topics