SCM-wMinerals ± H 2 O ± CO 2

DataSet Source

Show Specific Minerals  
 Atg (MgO)3(SiO2)2(H2O)4 
 Cc (CaO)(CO2
 Di (CaO)(MgO)(SiO2)2 
 Dol (CaO)(MgO)(CO2)2 
 En (MgO)(SiO2
 Fo (MgO)2(SiO2)
 Mgs (MgO)(CO2
 Per (MgO) 
 Qz (SiO2
 Tlc (MgO)3(SiO2)4(H2O)
 Tr (CaO)2(MgO)5(SiO2)8(H2O) 
 Wo (CaO)(SiO2

SCM Diagram. This page will scale and plot geochemical data in mole percent units from pre-selected datasets or from a dataset that you upload in weight percent units. Only CaO, SiO2, and MgO, weight percent values will be used from the input file to plot datapoints on the diagram.

To select a composition dataset to plot, choose a DataSetSource and DataSet from the pulldown lists on the right. You may easily upload your own data in weight percent units from a comma separated value file (.csv) if the first row of the file has the oxide labels, and subsequent rows have sample data.       Mouse over the plotted data points to display the Sample ID and Name, if these are included in the DataSet .csv file.

If you want to see the contents of a Library DataSet, for more information or to see the format, click on the "View DataSet contents" button.