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Starting Magma Composition

Fractionating Mineral(s)
% Olivine  
% Opx      
% Cpx   
% Plag      
% Spinel      
% Garnet      
% Amphibole      
Distribtion Coefficient Set

Melt Fraction (F): 1

Starting Composition Average Basalt (Li,2000)
D Values, White (2013), Table 7.05

Figure 9.05. REE Fractional Crystallization and Partial Melting Models.This figure can be used to see the changes in magmatic liquid REE contents during Raleigh model fractional crystallization (minerals removed as they are crystallized) and during batch model partial melting (melt remains in contact with crystals). You can change the normaization with pull down selection. Shown are the REE (rare earth element) composition of an average basalt (Li, 2000). The REE concentrations are nomalized by a C1 chondrite meteorite composition, but you can select other normalizing compositions with the pull down selector.

To see the Rayleigh fraction crystallization model, enter weight proportion values for at least one fractionating mineral. Then move the "Melt Fraction" slider. A bulk distribution coefficient is calculated for each REE based on the entered weight fractions of the minerals and on a set of distribution coefficients for those minerals in equilibrium with basalt. Mouseover the REE labels to see the bulk D for each REE. To see the batch partial melting model, click on the "Batch Melting" button at the top right of the page, and move the slider.