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Instructions to show map locations for your samples on a Mercator projection of your map.

This page is designed to display sample locations that you supply in a .csv file on a rectangular map that you supply in .jpg format. To do this:

(1) To upload your map, click the "Choose File" button under the label "Choose Map Image" and select a .jpg file on your computer. The map should appear in the square. It may be distorted until you enter the bounding latitude and longitude values in (2) and (3).

(2) Enter the bounding latitude and longitude values (WGS84 datum, decimal degrees) of your map in the apprpriate form fields. Be sure to give the lat/long values of the corners of the .jpg image, not some boundary line within the image. The precision of data plotting depends on the precision of the lat/long values you use.

(3) Click on the "Submit" button and your map should be displayed.

(4) To show your sample locations on the map, you must upload a .csv file. The .csv file must have columns with the following headings in the first row: Sample ID, Latitude, Longitude, Rock Name. Other columns and data can be in the .csv file. Data for each sample should be placed in a row of its own. More complete .csv file instructions can be found by clicking this button.

(5) To upload your .csv file, click on the "Choose File" button under the heading "DataSet".