Normalizing Composition

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Normalized REE Diagram. This page will scale and plot REE geochemical data from pre-selected datasets or from a dataset that you upload.

Use the Normalizing Composition pulldown list to choose the normalizing composition.

Normalizing compositions from the following sources are available: McDonough and Sun (1995) and Gale and others (2013).

To view other DataSets choose a DataSet Source of preformatted DataSets by selecting from the pull down list. Then choose from among the preselected DataSets from the pull down list. You can upload your own data from a comma separated value file (.csv) if the first row of the file has the oxide and element labels, and subsequet rows have sample data.    

Preselected datasets are available from:
PetDB (Compiled and Maintained by EarthChem at Lamont-Doherty)
GEOROC (Compiled by the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry in Mainz)
PETROS Igneous Rock Database (Compiled by Felix Mutschler at Washington State University)
Ueki, Hino, and Kuwatani (2018) (Data compiled from PetDB and GEOROC)

If you want to see the contents of a selected DataSet, for more information or to see the format, click on the "View DataSet contents" button.