H. Allen Curran

William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor Emeritus of Geology

Department of Geology
Smith College
Clark ScienceCenter
44 College Lane
Northampton, Massachusetts 01063

Tel. (413) 585 - 3943
Email: acurran -at-







  1. The study of trace fossils (ichnology), with emphasis on trace fossils produced by invertebrates in tropical carbonate settings and their use in the recognition and interpretation of shallow marine to dune paleodepositional environments.  Current projects involve studies throughout the islands of The Bahamas and on Bermuda, in modern, Holocene, and Pleistocene sediments and rocks.
  3. The geology of Pleistocene, Holocene, and modern coral reefs, with emphasis on reefs as indicators of sea-level history and the “health” of modern reef systems. Projects are ongoing in The Bahamas, Dominican Republic, and Belize.
  5. The geology of the Bahama Islands, a classic limestone-producing archipelago, with emphasis on study of the Pleistocene and Holocene rock record and modern shallow marine to dune coastal environments.
  7. Marine environmental education for school children, specifically the Coral Reef Ed-Ventures Program in San Pedro, Belize, a service project conducted with Smith College students and two Smith faculty colleagues (program initiated in summer 2000, now in its 9th year of operation). 



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