Where is Your Holiday Cheer?

Share your holiday adventures and live vicariously through the rest of the Smith community! Click on the image below to participate.  This Winter Break Travel Map is a new rendition of the Snowflake Map of the past, as seen below.

Snowflake Map

Following the popularity of our Thanksgiving break Tofurky Map, the SAL team has put together a Snowflake Map to see where the Smith community will be spending the holiday break. Scroll down to put your own snowman on the map and to see where your classmates are travelling! Loading… Refresh page to see your submission.

Tofurky Animation

We’re thrilled by how many responses we got to our 2nd annual Tofurky Map. Almost 200 people posted to the map, and over 1,250 people viewed it!               We created an animated map showing submissions over the week of Thanksgiving. We used a very cool tool called Torque from CartoDB, […]